MPF Ranks and Permissions

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MPF Ranks and Permissions

Post by Michaeldol29 on Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:33 pm

MPF Ranks

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, a higher rank has all the permissions of a lower rank.

RCT: Has access to standard issue MPF equipment. May accompany an OFC+ on patrol for training purposes. May not leave the nexus on their own accord.

05-03: Allowed to patrol the city. May request from an OFC+ to patrol the slums. May detain citizens and defend self and others

02-01: Allowed to carry out formal amputations and may lead squads.

OFC: May issue out equipment to lower ranks and equip themselves as they see fit.

EPU: May initiate Judgement Waivers

DvL: Complete control over there respective divisions.

SeC: Absolute control over their respective city. May issue an Autonomous Judgement Waiver.


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